Friday, 28 December 2012

End of year week commencing 30/12/12

Well its been a busy year! I'd like firstly to thank Mr James Sarek for giving poetry in Colchester such a boost. The group aptly named Colchester Poetry only kicked off in February of this year when the town seemed very quiet on the poetical front. What a difference a year makes! There has been much organised to give local performers a platform to share their work, the most recent being December 15th when an end of year get together took place at Colchester Slack Space hosted by none other than Father Christmas himself! I'd like to thank his mince pie and sherry eminence for taking time off from more pressing duties in Lapland.
I'm certainly looking forwards to 2013, no doubt there will be more poems to be dreamt up and completed.

Meanwhile I'll share one of the poems that made it onto the Dec 15th set. Very much a "Winters Tale" of sorts. The poem is taken from "Germination" and you can find more from the same on the relevant page.....

 The Dance of Shadows

As darkness falls and the wild wind speaks
Like a moaning wraith in death bereaved
Making tortured scraping sounds
It whips across the frozen ground

A wise owl hoots his warning word
Not to enter this night time world
Of leafless trees, clawing like hands
They rise, yet tortured, from the land

Winter’s breath berates the trees
That dance in moonlight revelries
Ghastly forms spring from darkening holes
And grimly dance their shadows

The wind is rising, stronger still
Pregnant with night time’s eerie chill
Branches beaten into frenzy
Shadows dancing, faster, chanting 

The spirit of deep winter’s God
Blackens the land, with his cloak outspread
All light is masked, the land it shouts
For even the shadows are blotted out

I've also added a new page "Venus Veins" with some poems from my project of the same title which I hope you enjoy. The work comes from the high summer of 2010 and is very much part of a "journey through the soul".

Well, that's just about it for 2012, see you next year!

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