Sunday, 13 January 2013

W/C 13th January 2013

Welcome to the first post of 2013 and it's been a busy week. Firstly there was the January meeting of Colchester Poetry on Tuesday the 8th and very enjoyable it was too. The themes of 'Berbatov' and 'Scavenger' brought forth some interesting work from all concerned. My own submission on the 'scavenger' theme will follow shortly.

Last night, 12th January, saw Colchester Poetry's first open mike of the year including poetry performances from Jonathan King, Jason McLean, Belinda Colaianni-Federl, SteveOvel, Steve Lawton and the 'Wingless Heron' ensemble of Tess Gardner, Phil Mill and Joe Elliot-Purtell, plus music from Alex Yandle, and performances from Modal Roberts and Mouth amongst others. Colchester has wealth of acts out there, so if you weren't there that's a flavour of what you missed, don't miss the next one! Follow via my Facebook friends for links to Colchester Poetry and the various performers and acts concerned to know more about them.

I've added a new page 'Minutiae' with extracts from the first collection of poems dating from early 2010. The collection is subtitled "the poetry of the first half of  a life" and tackles many thorny issues close to my heart. As ever I hope you like the poems.....

Now its time for the scavenging submission from Tuesday.....


I pick the bones of my elysian fields
As clock hands work their way around
A sad face marking passing hours
Spent scavenging your memory

From pictures that besotted me
I pull ragged little bits of love
All night through my longing plays
Like an insular game of lone charades

A dark sarcophagus held your heart
I tried to crack its outer shell
And win your shining x-ray smile
With futile hopes that lie exposed

You left in such indecent haste
Now burning questions sting my lips
As I lick this poisoned chalice clean
Savouring its strange metallic taste

At the end of the path that leads nowhere
All the answers to the riddle writhe 
Within me, myself and I, like a splendid carrion
Served nightly in a thin membrane of dreams

Mark Harris has asserted his right under
Section 77 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
To be identified as the author of this work.

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