Tuesday, 29 January 2013

W/C Sunday 27th Jan

Had a very enjoyable couple of hours at the Sunday Matinee at Firstsite Colchester on the 27th which saw a wide variety of talent on display. I was first up and did the same set as the recent Open Mike as studying and a loss of I.T. for a few days mitigated against putting a new set together. However on the plus side not everyone had heard it before! The "Circles" project is progressing well and there will be some new material to share soon. This will be a quick in and out sort of post as I really ought to have my head buried in a book right now. However, I can't resist sharing an Emily Dickinson poem in the Gothic style number "410" from the year 1862.....

The first Day's Night had come -
And grateful that a thing
So terrible - had been endured -
I told my soul to sing -

She said her strings were snapt -
Her Bow - to atoms blown -
And so to mend her - gave me work
Until another morn

And then - A day as huge
As yesterdays in pairs,
Unrolled its horror in my face -
Until it blocked my eyes -

My Brain - begun to laugh
I mumbled - like a fool
And tho' tis years ago - that Day -
My brain keeps giggling - still.

And somthing's odd - within -
That person that I was -
And this One - do not feel the same -
Could it be Madness - this?


I love the enigmatic quality of Emily's work, a great influence on me

Well that's the mini update over, hope to see you at a Poetry meet soon.

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