Sunday, 10 March 2013

Update w/c 10/03/13

Well, its been a bit of a funny old time on the poetry front not helped by flu and study commitments! However, I'm now well on the mend and bubbling over with ideas and keen to keep the new work coming! To that end I thought I'd share a couple of pieces from the current project entitled "Circles". The name is no accident - do we not travel in Circles going back to where we've been - re-assessing the decisions we made, the people we interacted with, the feelings we had and perhaps trying to re-create them, re-enact them? Maybe we're looking to re-live a situation with a different outcome?
The theme of circles goes deeper - yin and yang - the circle of life - the unbroken ring  - eternity......

If I look too deeply - it's the way things are and I won't change any time soon. For me my work must ask questions primarily of myself but we all struggle with the same universal issues at one level or another at some point in our lives. If I'm wrong well - tell me so - I'd welcome your comments and thoughts on the matter.....


I‘m clutching at receding shadows
Reaching back through time
To the years that passed
In a loving procession 

Genuflecting to a fleeting moment
When I freeze-framed your beauty
And hope shone within me
Like a palindrome of the sun

I can no longer feel our song
It’s insufficient to hear it
So I listen over and over
In willing supplication

Searching for you
Until my ears ache
Until my heart pounds
And my thoughts derail

I’m trying to experience you
To break through the eclipse
In the core of my being
And let the light flood in

To see your face in my mind
Recreate your touch
On a warm summer’s day
When love was the game I played

A half forgotten feeling remains
Locked in the vault of my heart
Awaiting authentication
Like a fake antique painting

Masquerading as a grand master
I willingly commune with the past
That surrounds me, unaccountable
Like an unfinished symphony

Your picture becomes memories
From the abyssal plane
So real I can taste them
In bland consolation

I’ll win you some day, over the rainbow
Petition the silence until you repent
And admit you were swayed
In that prefect sunlit moment


Forgive me goddess my human frailty
As I kneel before the feet
That once graced a marble plinth

I’m responsible for placing you here
Beyond the soiling finger prints
Of supplicant desire

I whitened you until you outshone
The feeble midday sun
But you failed to bless me with increase

Instead visiting my base soul
With a secular disease
And I ceased to be a believer

Now I return to the shell
My shallowness has left
And cry out your name

Knowing the bridges have been burned
And your immortal back is turned
So I bring no gifts or sacrifice
I approach this sad and ruined place
With a new reverence for the divine
Amid fading memories of your face

Now, the fun thing here is the first poem above starts with 'A' and the second 'Z' so there's a whole world in between...

Ring Cycle

The more things change
The more they’re the same
Perfecting the circle
An unbroken ring
Round to the start
Back to the end
Out of the frying pan
Into the fire
Leaving a hole
Nothing there
Simply a hole
Nothing at all
Where it should be
You’ve asked the question
Asked what it is
Had the round conversation
Studied the ring
A circular system
The depth of the void
The answer lying
In the centre of things
A rotating ring cycle
An eternal wheel
Devoid of substance
Devoutly believing
What the answer can’t be

Some of the world inbetween is dark and some light so I'll finish with a bit of fun.....


If I kiss times full lips
And venerate the stars
Will I get to row my goddess
Down the red canals of Mars? 

If I win Saturn’s glowing rings
Place them on her slender fingers
Can I get walk her 
Round the gardens of the sun? 

Will we dance together
To the music of the spheres
Riding on our moonbeams
‘Till morning light appears?

Will the polar caps of planets
Be pillows for our heads
Or should I stop my dreaming
And live reality instead?

I'm looking forwards to giving birth to Circles.......

Well, that's if for the moment I look forwards to meeting you at another poetry event soon

Keep looking on the connections to Colchester Poetry for local events!

Until then.......

Warmest regards

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