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Update w/c 15/09/13

I didn't realise when I returned to the blog that it had been over three months since my last update. It's been a busy summer and seems to have flown by faster than any I can remember but at least this year we had a summer with some glorious hot days! I have also returned to the poetry. Although there has been some note scribbling and idea collecting there really hasn't been time to write a great deal, although I did write a series of sketches for St John's Church, Colchester based on the Epistles of St Paul which were quite a challenge and something very different to be asked to do.

There's nothing like a live performance to re-focus energy however! I was lucky enough to get a slot at "The Waiting Room" a new venue for the arts in Colchester that I wish every success for the future. It's early days but there are good things planned. The evening itself was very enjoyable with several local performers including comedy, poets and musicians and no two alike so great variety as well! I would like to thank Colchester Poetry and James Sarek in particular for organising the Open Mike.

My own writing has revolved around a re-appraisal of some older efforts, The "Body Curio" in particular coming under renewed scrutiny and in places a thorough re-write where I felt the material needed strengthening. The challenge has been to keep the "feel" of the original whilst improving it. The relevant page has been updated with samples from the piece so you can judge for yourself whether the process has been a success.

One new poem that got it's first outing on Saturday 14th Sept. follows, called "Maple Leaves" I hope it is suitably evocative of Autumn.....

Maple Leaves

She loosened the band and her hair fell
Like a red waterfall
Like fire tumbling over her shoulders

She loosened the band and her hair fell
Unfettered across the curve of her neck

And she flicked her head
Her fiery hair describing an arc
Like an autumnal goddess

Her hair, red as a maple leaf
Promising the open skies of the wilderness
Her eyes as deep as the forest

She loosened the band and her hair fell
Wild and untamed
And I raised my head and howled to the moon

In that moment my heart ran free
Through the ancient forest
Through carpets of fallen leaves

In the moment she loosened the band
And her hair fell

I also include another re-write from the "Body Curio" that formed part of Saturday's performance.
Unconsciously You
Perhaps you took pity on me, sensing my need
And deigned to show me the manifold wonders of love
The height, breadth and depth of sublime womanhood

I tasted sunshine in your smile, saw beauty in your eyes
Day and night you were always on my mind
Unknown pleasures soared within my heart like birds

Forming a facsimile from the clay of love
Unconsciously needing someone to worship and adore
I worked an errant likeness with childlike thoughts

Gently I smoothed every inch of its skin
Faithfully captured every curve and detail
Reproduced every rise and fall of your breast

I made more of you than drab reality
Birthed a deity from the pearl of desire
It rose like Venus from the clamshell of my heart

Your likeness beguiled me, promising perfection
I couldn’t live without the hope my idol brought
Mine the age old error of loving what I’d wrought

Time and time again I threw exhausted arms
Around the unyielding torso of my goddess
With tear soaked kisses begged you to awaken and replace it…..

I hope you have enjoyed the update (and I'll try not not leave it so long next time), hopefully see you at an Open Mike or local event soon!

Kind regards

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