Monday, 26 November 2012

Week commencing 25/11/12

It's time to add a new page, albeit somewhat unusual.....

In late 2011 I completed a project called "Germination" (A teenage resurrection).

Rummaging around in the detritus of life I came across a long lost book of poems actually intended in the first instance as song lyrics back in the days when I thought I was going to be in a band, typical teenage stuff.

The lyrics had long outlived the very short-lived band but I was struck by their often very bleak alienated content and wondered if they would make a sort of half way house between song lyrics and poems "pongs" without losing the original "feel" they had for me.

I got totally absorbed in the process like I was translating an old papyrus and ended up with over seventy "pongs" in a short but very intense period of work of which I have added a sample here. The overall piece has an almost Gothic horror quality about it,  I wondered who the person was who had written them some thirty years before.....

Plus ca change, plus la meme chose?

Anyway I hope you like the taster.....


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