Thursday, 8 November 2012

Well, so far so good as I begin to understand what makes a blog work and we're up and running! Enjoyed meeting with Poetry Colchester on Tuesday, attended by eight, with some very interesting readings and conversation to be had. The next pit stop on the calendar will be Saturday Nov 10th from 7:30pm at First Site, Colchester so why not come along? It looks to be a good line up forming. Not sure what exactly I'll be reading but there's plenty to chose from in the back catalogue. Maybe one or two from what I call my "Russian" series when I got interested in Russian dolls and snow. I've not written anything new this week (oh the shame) but reviewed one or two pieces and spruced them up a bit, including a peon to the old D.D.R. which I read on Tuesday. I firmly believe in the maxim it's not what you leave in but what you take out that matters so tend to tighten older works up by removing the odd extraneous word or two. The writing method is to produce something I'm reasonably happy with "freeze" it for a bit and then "thaw it out" later to see if anything needs changing. That way you don't lose the immediacy of the initial idea by over thinking it. Well that's the methodology I've used thus far. So let's thaw a couple of poems out together on Saturday!

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