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Welcome back to Ariadne's Thread, it's been quite a week on the poetical front!

Firstly the Colchester Poetry Open Mike on Saturday featuring strong performances from all concerned was a very enjoyable experience and took place at Colchester Firstsite on Saturday 10th November. I'm certainly looking forwards to the next one. Having completed rather more urgent assignments, I'm back in writing mode and making some progress with the latest project "Circles". 

As I continue to add extracts from some of my completed projects, I thought it might be useful to give    some sort of chronology to what I've done so here goes:


Minutiae - The poetry of the first half of a life (2010)
Venus Veins - (2010)
Testimony - (2011)
The Body Curio - (The diary of an intimate wounding) - (2011)
Rumpspringa - (Letters from the sea of longing) - (2011)
Teenage Resurrection - (2011)
Apocrypha - (Exploring aspects of the void) (2012)

Still writing

Circles - (A ring cycle)

I do realise that's quite a lot of "stuff" and the initial torrent has slowed to a more considered pace now. Each work has a macro theme which explains the sub-titles given to some of the pieces. I firmly believe that writing things down, giving experiences, particularly the difficult ones, some sort of tangible form is very therapeutic. When asked I have always said I'd have written all this anyway just for myself. People have generally responded positively to what I've written hence the decision to share some of it. I've added extracts from 'Rumpspringa' as a new page today, hope you like them.    

To close for today, I'm currently reading about the life and times of Emily Dickinson, a particularly prolific 19th century American writer. Some of her pieces are really beautiful and enigmatic. I think it's healthy to have something to aspire to if at all possible.

Until next time..... 

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